About Us

We are a group of highly diverse and unique merchants.  With stores and products that range from furniture, to clothing, building supplies and more we can fulfill the shopping whims of almost everyone. With more than 200 stores in the Sixty Linden Weekends group, we have merchants that range from new, to experienced and are always looking for new stores to join us!

How we're different:

We strive to reach as many shoppers as possible and have a reputation of quality checks to ensure you are getting items that are unique and interesting each weekend.

Additionally we don't limit the quantity of merchants allowed to participate each week.  We offset the potential chaos of this by sending out a note card with pictures of the items for sale, so it is more like getting a sale flier in your Sunday newspaper rather than TP'ing all over to look at each one.  Merchants are screened (to prevent copybotters and resellers).  Every Saturday just before midnight a note card goes out on our mass group message subscription device, which contains LM's and pictures for every store that wishes to participate that week.  Merchants are also encouraged to send the completed list to their own groups, generating even more customers.

Upon acceptance, you will be given a kit which includes a subscriber kiosk for you to put out at your store, and instructions.  Deadline to submit your week's sale info is Thursdays at 12pm (Noon) SLT.  (More details will come in the instructions, this is just the basics.)