Application Process

Interested in joining us as a merchant? We are always looking for new stores and love to see what people have to offer! 

*please note* Due to the really high volume of applications, we cannot respond unless you are accepted and NOT all stores that apply are accepted! Sorry!

Application Process Updated Effective 11/22/2011!

To apply, send a notecard to 60LWeekends (60LWeekends Resident on older viewers) with the following information.

Name the notecard like this so it can be found: 
Sixty Linden App [Store Name] [Merchant Name]

Notecards that are *not* renamed are often overlooked in inventory and cannot always be processed. Please ensure it's named correctly before sending to ensure it's found!

Store Name: 

Owner Name: 
Secondary Contact(s): 

Products Sold: 

*IF* your application is approved, do you want chat perms in the group?  The group is quite chatty be aware of this upfront:

Why do you think you would be a great addition to $60L Weekends? 

What would you like to see as a result of your joining $60L Weekends for your store? 

*Please note* Applications that are not completed fully or sent to the incorrect avatar will not be accepted and will result in automatic decline of the store.

As of 4/16/2010 all stores are charged a fee of $120L for each week that the store is submitted to be on the list.