Merchant Guidelines

So you have been accepted as a merchant? 

F A B U L O U S!!

Now what to do? Easy, once your store has been accepted, you'll be sent a copy of the Rules Agreement that you need to read over and return as per the directions in the notecard. 

We will only send a Rules Agreement twice and only twice because of capped messages.  After that, your application is considered "stale" and you must reapply. If your Rules Agreement is not returned within 30 days of your store being accepted, you must reapply as well. 

Once the Rules Agreement is returned, you will receive a copy of the merchant kit, as well as the group invite for the group. You'll need the group to pay the submission fee, as well as drop off your notecard on the weeks you participate. 

As a participating store in the group, we strive to help promote each other, this means not just in sales, but in support, encouragement and also advice and help when anyone needs it.  

For those who want it, group chat perms are available to talk to fellow merchants. If you do not want group chat, contact a staff member to have the roles adjusted. 

Merchants in the Sixty Linden Weekends group are welcome to participate in the Holiday Markets that are held during the year at various times around the sim surrounding the $60L Office.

While we would love to guarantee results to stores, we cannot do this. However, merchants to take the group and it's potential serious are able to enjoy an increase in sales as well as exposure. Ranging from merchants who are able to cover tier that were unable to before, to those who are able to even cash out to use money in RL, we have a huge array of merchants at all levels of business.